No Time To Waste

by The Morphine Pilgrims

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released October 31, 2016

Zangl: Bass & Vox
Hatschka: Drums
Germar: Guitar & Vox

All songs written by Germar Tischler, except "Out of Focus", written by Manuel Zangl & Germar Tischler.
All lyrics written by Germar Tischler.


all rights reserved



The Morphine Pilgrims Wien, Austria

We are a punk band from Vienna, Austria. Formed at the end of 2010 by Germar Tischler of the "iNSURGENTS". Manuel Zangl (previously in "Recall to Life") joined us on bass in 2012 and Georg "The" Hatschka from "No Silence For Sale" joined us on drums in 2016. ... more

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Track Name: Colour Of Money
China's made the news again
Human rights abused again
Killing off all their prisoners
And selling their organs to the highest bidders

Bullet in the head
Bang bang your dead
Colour of money ain't green it's red
Bullet in the head
Bang bang your dead
Colour of money ain't green it's red
Track Name: No Time To Waste
No time to waste, yet we waste it every day
Driving to work down Babylon lane
Working to survive, whilst bombs rain from the skies
And the thunder of war drowns out the desperate cries
Of the people of battlefield earth
No time to think if you're too busy being scared
Out of your mind by the images you see
On your newspapers and on your TV

No time to waste, no time to wait!
No time to waste, no time to wait!
No time to waste, no time to
We ain't got no time, no time left...

What will it take for us to open our eyes
Think for ourselves, ignore our politicians lies
This world that we live in is not black or white
Which leads to the conclusion that there is no wrong or right
And if nothings absolute, then there can be no one god
No one religion, no heaven above
This life that we live is the only one we've got
So let's make the most of it before our time runs out
Track Name: Relic
I've fallen victim to a cold war relic
It's outdated and it should be done away with
You send your youth to the army to learn new skills
You teach 'em how to mame and kill

Relic; a useless fucking relic
It should be done away with
I lost 8 months of my life to a
Relic; a useless fucking relic
It should be done away with today

Fire in the hole, I know the systems gonna fall
What's the fucking point in having an army at all?
When all they do is fight wars that are waged by politicians
To make more money for big corporations?
Track Name: Other Side
Those motherfuckers, all left you alone
In the hour, when you needed them the most
I've missed you so much... Should have been there
Can't believe, it's be 16 fucking years since you've been gone

I'll see you on the other side
I can't wait to hang out again with you

To my dear father, how time it flies by
One minute you were here, the next minute you're gone
I've got two sons now, they're fucking awesome
Can't believe you won't ever fucking get to see them smile
Track Name: I Hate PEGIDA
I hate PEDGIA, I hate NAZIS too
I hate all fascists, I hate you...
I hate PEGIDA...
And you!
Track Name: Out Of Focus
Keep trying to make sense of
shit that don't make sense to me
Everything seems out of line
Out of step and out of time
About to reach my breaking point
Some part of me don't seem to work
The way it should, the way it could
Just some messed up fuzzy logic

Keep moving in and out of focus
You don't notice me
'cause I'm out... Out of focus

I try my best to be
Whatever it is I'm supposed to be
Can't make sense of anything
No one said life would be easy
Do that same shit everyday
Try not the make the same mistakes
Everything erodes with time
Now where are your fucking morals???

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